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American Chicken: Banned in Russia?

So I hear that Russia is banning chicken imports from America.

Russia, which is the biggest market for US poultry, imported around a million tonnes of poultry, mainly chicken and turkey meat, in 2001, according to the Moscow representative for the US poultry export body, Albert Davleyev.

US poultry sales to Russia, worth 600 million to 800 million dollars (689.7-919.6 million euros) a year, make up 20 percent of all US exports to this country and the Russian market takes 50 percent of all US poultry sold abroad.

The ban has been widely seen here as retaliation for US steel tariffs announced by President George W. Bush Tuesday, which had been expected for some time.

That's a lot of fucking chicken. I'm so glad I escaped.

I hate the chicken industry.

I just want to get drunk and fucked up, and pick up chicks.
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