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from the sextips community

Someone asks:

Subject:G-h-e-t-t-o Booty
Slight problem - My SO and I want to try doggy style, but, alas, I'm afraid my butt's gonna be to big. :-/ I've got a major ghetto booty and I'm really thinking that this is going to be a problem. Anyone got any tips on how to get, er, around this? I figured I'd be better off by being well-informed before we try it - saves my feelings...Thanks, guys!!

and then someone responds with:

my ass is real big too. it doesn't get in the way though. your vagina isn't exactly between your ass cheeks, so they aren't in the way. when you are bent over, your ass is facing up and your vagina is facing in back of you. it really doesn't make a difference at all.

I don't know why, but this exchange struck me as funny.

I have a million comments I could make to this, but they still won't let a lowly chicken sammitch join their community.

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