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So I check out this sextips community from time to time. I've never been a member, as they seem to have a problem with chicken sammitches being a part of it. Whatever.

Anyways, I can't comment, and I always want to.

So today this question is posed:

This guy that I am seeing has trouble getting off. Once he is hard we can go at it till we are tired. The only way that he has been able to ejaculate is if I am on top or from a hand or blow job. But when I get on top he tenses up because he feels like he is being squished and sometimes cannot reach orgasm. My question is how can I be on top and help him not to tense up and be able to orgasm?

And then someone comes along and answers this:

I don't care how big or small a girl is when it comes to them on top, my thing is I don't like it when they use my chest as their method of supporting all their weight. It's uncomfortable. One thing you could try if you have the means is lube each of your bodies everything is a little more slick and sensitive.....and see if that helps him at all...

Does this strike anyone as funny? Do you lube between your toes and your fingers? In your ears? In your nose? Behind your knees? Do you sop your hair full of lube? And what constitutes "completely"?

I find when I lube myself completely, I squish out of the bun.

What do ya'll think?
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